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Upcoming Events:

**Thursday, November 20th {3~6pm}**
NY4Whales-FAUN Japan, Stop The Killing! anti-dolphin hunting demo @ the Consulate Of Japan in NYC

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New York Slaughterhouses
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Summary Mission Statement

"FAUN is a coalition of animal / earth liberation activists who are bound by the twin objectives of exposing and working against the perpetrators of overt & clandestine animal exploitation wherever they are operating.

We are firmly united in our commitment to publicizing animal-use industries' profit-driven lies and illusions, as well as engaging in the practical, street-level action so essential to bringing about the local (and ultimately universal) abolition of retrograde, dark-age practices that systematically exploit and destroy countless nonhuman sentient beings, and the Earth itself"  

"For more information about FAUN group and our mission, please see "About Us"


*COMPASSION is greater than any TRADITION!*